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Why us

Why work with us?

We treat people the way we want to be treated. We take the time to listen, to fully understand your ambitions, your needs and your goals.

For Clients, we know that getting recruitment wrong can have dire consequences. We understand how important it is to get it right. It means we carefully select who to shortlist, resulting in minimum time wasted and securing the best talent for your team.

For Candidates, we know that changing jobs/careers is a big decision. We give it the respect it deserves and work with you to find that ideal opportunity, culture and workplace.

Recruitment is about people, it’s about you. It’s not just a bit of black and white on some document. We understand how it works


  • We have an exclusive International network providing your company with the best potential candidates
  • We focus on long term relation/partnerships therefore we always insist to meet you onsite to understand your business, decision making process, vacancy and company culture
  • We focus on quality not quantity
  • We have an outstanding track record and excellent references
  • The flexibility of a startup and the knowledge and professionalism of a multinational
  • We offer a cross-border International People Solution
  • We are all multilingual
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