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It is our mission to make our client’s experience of the recruitment process as enjoyable and easy as possible.

1. Consultation

To ensure a successful conclusion to an assignment, it is essential that it begins with an in-depth consultation. We are in a position to truly consult with you. We will be able to provide you with an understanding of the current market place, market remuneration packages, availability of individuals in the industry, your positioning within the market place and how best to position yourself to attract the best quality of talent available.

2. Search

Headhunting / Referrals / Networking / Advertising etc.

3. Selection

We contact the relevant candidates to discuss the client, the team and the role, supplying them with the formal job specification. We assess that they are suitable to the role, re-confirm their current situation and ensure that we have their most up-to-date profile. Once we have qualified their suitability and interest, we will create a shortlist which we will subsequently present to our client.

4. Presentation & Interview

Candidates will be presented to the client . Once we have reached an agreement with the client over the suitable candidates that they wish to interview, we coordinate the interviews at all stages, preparing our candidates and clients accordingly.

5. Offer Management

We will offer you guidance about how to achieve the best possible offer to secure the selected candidate without unnecessary negotiations.

6. Post Acceptance

From acceptance of an offer to the start date, a void of communication can occur and momentum can break down. We will liaise with both parties, providing any advice that may be required, meeting the candidate again, and assisting the candidate with anything we can.

7. After Placement Support

We will liaise with both candidate and client, providing any advice/support that may be required after the candidate has started.

For further information please contact us. We’d love to talk to you to understand how we can help you achieve your hiring goals and show you how we can attract the best talent to your business.

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